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Trustee Candidate: Medicine

James Macintyre, M.D., M.P.E., FACSM
Sports Medicine Physician
Center for Orthopedic and
Rehabilitation Excellence
West Jordan, UT

1.  Please list your previous service to ACSM.

I have attended nearly every Annual Meeting since 1984, giving numerous presentations and frequently participated as a session chair or panelist. I served 2 terms on ACSM’s Medical Education Committee, and from 2006-2009 served as one of two ACSM representatives on the organizing committee for the Advanced Team Physician Course.

2.  What is ACSM’s greatest strength and how would you make that aspect of the organization even stronger?

I believe that ACSM’s greatest strength is its diversity of membership, which encompasses basic science, education and clinical medicine. This diversity allows for collaboration across disciplinary boundaries to advance sports medicine and the College. I have considerable experience in all three areas of the College. After graduation from the University of Western Ontario medical school, I completed a two year Fellowship in Primary Care Sports Medicine at the University of British Columbia. Concurrently, I completed my Masters of Physical Education in Exercise Physiology and Sports Science, graduating in 1986. I served on the Board of the Canadian Association of Sports Science (now CSEP). I have been active in clinical medicine and have provided medical service for numerous athletic teams at a national and international level for both Canada and the USA.  I have been active in education both within the College and in my own practice.

I feel that I have the experience, energy, and ability to represent my colleagues, and members of the College through service to the College as a trustee.

3.  ACSM works closely with many other organizations, including associations, companies, philanthropies, and governmental agencies. Indicate those organizations/companies/agencies for which you play an advisory, consulting, or leadership role.

I have been active as an Editorial Board member for several journals, and I am currently an Associate Editor and the Brief Reports Section Editor for the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine. I have served as a team physician for professional hockey, basketball and soccer teams. I have been a team physician for national ski and speedskating teams. For many years I served as Associate Director of the Sports Medicine Fellowship Program at the University of Utah. It would be an honor to serve as a member of ACSM's Board of Trustees.


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