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Trustee Candidate: Education & Allied Health


Matthew T. Mahar, Ed.D., FACSM
Professor and Director of
Activity Promotion Lab
Department of Kinesiology
East Carolina University
Greenville, NC

1.  Please list your previous service to ACSM.

I have been a member of ACSM since my first presentation as a graduate student in 1985. My previous service to ACSM includes membership on the ACSM Examinations Subcommittee – Committee on Certification and Education from 1997-2000 and Chair of the ACSM Certification and Registry Boards Examinations Subcommittee from 2000-2004.  These were important years in which documentation of the psychometric evidence of the certification exams was demonstrated so that the exams were considered legally defensible. I also served on an ad hoc committee for the President of ACSM that recommended methods to evaluate the quality of the Annual Meeting.

2.  What is ACSM’s greatest strength and how would you make that aspect of the organization even stronger?

I feel that ACSM’s greatest strength is the quality of the science produced by the members of ACSM. This quality research provides ACSM with a high level of credibility, which allows the College to stand out as the best organization in the world for integration of research, education, and practice in physical activity and health. ACSM’s credibility also propels it to the forefront of agencies that certify exercise and health fitness professionals. The variety of diverse perspectives offered from international members is a valuable asset that should be strengthened by encouraging further involvement of international colleagues. I would like to promote further integration of the work of scientists and practitioners, so that the efforts of ACSM members can benefit more people. Interdisciplinary work could be promoted by collaborations among various interest groups in ACSM, similar to the Exchange Lectures at the Annual Meetings. I would also like to support additional outlets by which ACSM members can become more involved in the numerous functions of the College.

3.  ACSM works closely with many other organizations, including associations, companies, philanthropies, and governmental agencies. Indicate those organizations/companies/agencies for which you play an advisory, consulting, or leadership role.

I am a member of the FitnessGram/ActivityGram Scientific Advisory Board. The FitnessGram is the national youth fitness test in the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. I am a Fellow of ACSM, the National Academy of Kinesiology, and the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance. I serve on the American Kinesiology Association Research and Analysis Committee and as the Associate Director for Physical Activity Interventions for the Pediatric Healthy Weight Research and Treatment Center. I recently served as a member of the President’s Council for Fitness, Sports and Nutrition Science Board, on a Working Group for the U.S. Army that recommended changes to the Army Physical Fitness Test, and as former chair of the Editorial Board for Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport.

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