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Trustee Candidate: Basic & Applied Science

Maria Urso, Ph.D., FACSM
Director of Clinical Research
Arteriocyte Medical Systems
Hopkinton, MA

1. Please list your previous service to ACSM.

My service to ACSM began at the regional level. In 2007 I was elected to the Board of Directors for the NEACSM. For two years, in my position as Marketing Chairperson, I secured >$15,000 from various health, fitness, academic, and government organizations. In 2009-2010 I continued to serve as a Member-at-Large for the NEACSM. As the Free Communications Chairperson I organized the free communication presentations and the student research competition for the annual NEACSM meeting.

My true service to the national ACSM began in 2011, although I had presented symposia at regional and national meetings and served as an ad-hoc reviewer for Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise® and Exercise and Sports Science Reviews before then. In 2011 I was chosen to serve as the Cellular and Molecular Regulatory Mechanisms Interest group Chairperson. This role was important to me as it allowed me to form prolific relationships with students and professional ACSM members in various basic science disciplines. My greatest contribution thus far was implementing a student award that was given to the best abstract presented at the ACSM Annual Meeting in 2012 and 2013. My role as Chairperson of this committee has also allowed me to reach out to other professionals in this area to organize strong basic science symposia for the Annual Meeting.

In 2012 I became a fellow of the ACSM. This same year I was appointed to the ACSM Annual Meeting Program Committee where I served an integral role in building the symposia, selecting abstracts, and organizing chairpersons for the national meeting. My enthusaism as a member of this Program Committee and my direct involvement in the basic science interest groups, resulted in my peers selecting me as the program committee member to organize the first featured basic science meeting at the Annual Meeting in 2014. I have devoted much time to this effort and this meeting features symposia from some of the best basic scientists in our discipline. I truly look forward to seeing this activity come to fruition in 2014.

2.  What is ACSM’s greatest strength and how would you make that aspect of the organization even stronger?

ACSM is one of the only organizations to seamlessly integrate clinical, basic and applied science, and allied health at a national meeting. This strategy has resulted in a diverse group of members with shared interests. Members interact at ACSM meetings to share ideas and develop strategies to answer important scientific questions with clinical significance. As a basic scientist who appreciates the need for consistent translational research efforts, it is my plan to continue to maintain a robust basic science representation at the national meeting, but insure that the clinical application is constantly highlighted. I plan to do this in my position on the ACSM Annual Meeting Program Committee and consistent involvement in the student interest groups.

3.  ACSM works closely with many other organizations, including associations, companies, philanthropies, and governmental agencies. Indicate those organizations/ companies/ agencies for which you play an advisory, consulting, or leadership role.
·    American Physiological Society: Women in Physiology Committee Member
·    Arteriocyte Medical Systems, Inc: Director of Clinical Research
·    Dairy Council: Ad-hoc grant reviewer
·    Procter and Gamble: Consultant
·    US Army: Reservist
· Ad-hoc writer/contributor
·    Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: Associate Editor
·    Journal of Applied Physiology: Associate Editor
·    FASEB: Science Research Conferences Advisory Committee

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