Advancing health through science, education and medicine

2018 ACSM Election

Trustee Candidate: Medicine

Julia M. Alleyne, M.D., MScCH, FACSM
Sport & Exercise Physician/Academic
Program Director
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute &
University of Toronto
Department of Family and Community

Toronto, Ontario

1.  Please list your previous service to ACSM.

I have been a member of ACSM for more than 25 years, and in the year 2000, I was granted Fellowship status. My service to ACSM has included multiple opportunities as a presenter of workshops, posters and panel discussions at the Annual Meeting.  My area of clinical interest for presentations has included women and sport, exercise medicine and major Games event coverage. In my international sport medicine leadership positions, I have often been a liaison with the College on projects such as international conferences (FIMS, CASEM) and advisory tasks groups like the Female Athlete Coalition and International Sport Medicine Leadership forum. As a team physician with Figure Skating and Gymnastics, I have interacted with many ACSM members in the field and have promoted ACSM position papers and guidelines.

2. What is ACSM’s greatest strength and how would you make that aspect of the organization even stronger?

 ACSM’s greatest strength is its ability to coalesce its diverse membership and provide true interprofessional collaboration in science, education and clinical care. Through multiple forums including courses, chapter meetings, symposiums and online experiences, our members continue to learn, teach and share all year long. Our membership ranges from students to academics in all aspects of health, fitness, exercise and sport medicine.

As ACSM heads toward 2020, I would like to strengthen all members’ ability to be true leaders in the broad strokes of health care by arming them with valuable contemporary tools that focus on active living, healthy behaviors and management of chronic disease through exercise. These tools would include the following: enhancing the online education options and apps that can be used for assessment and management planning; providing members with easy access to multiple short learning opportunities which are practical and accessible; making health simple, making behavior change happen and giving our members a 24-hour platform for learning and leading through a member portal that could be designed on the individual’s learning objectives. These are real possibilities that I have experience with and that ACSM is ready for. My academic work has focused on clinical tool development including the CORE Back and Neck Tool and the OA tool. This work is very applicable to ACSM because we have many guidelines and position papers that need to be channeled into practical tools that can be useful anywhere from the doctor’s office to the gym. Within this vision, I would like to see the implementation of leadership skills for our members because they will need excellent communication skills, advocacy training and collaborative management practice to engage with their clients and colleagues.

As a physician, I believe that all ACSM members can benefit from an increased awareness of health and wellness and that we have the shared expertise to truly honor our motto, “Advancing Health through Science, Education and Medicine.”

 3.  ACSM works closely with many other organizations, including associations, companies, philanthropies, and governmental agencies. Indicate those organizations/companies/agencies for which you play an advisory, consulting, or leadership role.

International Sport Events Management
• PASO Medical Commission Member 2011-2017
• Past CMO 2015 Pan/ Parapan American Games, Toronto, Canada
• Canadian Olympic Committee, Team Physician 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012(CMO)

Federation International Medicine Sports (FIMS)
• Past Chair, FIMS Education Commission 2010-2014
• Current Member, Education Commission

Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine
• Past President (2003-2004) Past Treasurer (2002-2003)
• Course Designer & Faculty, Advanced Team Physician (2007-current)
• Founder, Team Physician Committee (2004)

Bone and Joint Canada
1. Past Chair, 2012-2015
2. Current Advisor, Athritis Care 2017 to date








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