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"Bicycling for Ovarian Cancer" Around Perimeter of United States Begins Today

by User Not Found | Aug 01, 2011
ACSM Fellow to ride 100 days; hopes to raise $1 million

INDIANAPOLIS – A 9,000-mile trek in 100 hundred days around the perimeter of United States to raise money to cure ovarian cancer begins today. The cyclist, Craig Broeder, Ph.D., is an exercise physiologist and Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) who is dedicating his ride to help fund research and build awareness about ovarian cancer.

Broeder, 54, began his cycling journey today, starting at Lance Armstrong’s bike shop, “Mellow Johnny’s,” in Austin, Texas. His three-month trip, projected to end back in Austin on Aug. 25, will take him through some of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas, including New York City and Los Angeles.

He has been training for the bike ride for the last two years and will be honoring his wife’s 20-year ovarian cancer survival anniversary with the fund-raising trip. Kay Broeder will follow her husband during the entire ride in a vehicle donated by Toyota of North America (Naperville, Chicago).

“Although my wife inspired me to train for and complete this ride, it’s really a way to honor all women who have suffered from ovarian cancer,” Broeder said. “I hope I can not only be an inspiration to others, but also bring a high level of awareness to the disease.”

Broeder hopes to raise $1 million for funding and research for ovarian cancer. All proceeds from his ride will be donated to the ACSM Foundation, in order to support scientific research in the field. Broeder is a 22-year member of ACSM.

Also sponsoring Broeder’s journey is Exercise is Medicine™, an ACSM program dedicated to make physical activity a standard part of health care. Exercise has powerful preventive and curative effects on chronic disease and conditions, and has been shown to lower risk of ovarian cancer by contributing to regulation of estrogen and hormones.

To view Broeder’s ride schedule and read more about his training, visit Broeder is director of the clinical exercise physiology program at Benedictine University in Naperville, Ill.


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