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Increased Interaction Between Patient and Physician Encouraged

by User Not Found | Aug 01, 2011
Exercise is Medicine expert discusses effect of physical activity on disease

ATLANTA – Physical inactivity is the most emergent public health problem of our time, apparent through the prevalence of chronic diseases and obesity, said a physician today at the American College of Sports Medicine’s  (ACSM) Health & Fitness Summit & Exposition.

Robert Sallis, M.D., FACSM, immediate past-president of ACSM and chair of Exercise is Medicine™, emphasized the powerful effects of physical activity on disease treatment and prevention Including treatment and preventative effects on a number of chronic conditions such as some cancers, diabetes and high blood pressure, and a reduction in mortality rates related to these conditions.

“If we had a pill that provided all the benefits of exercise, we would recommend it to every patient,” said Sallis. “Physicians must be encouraging patients to take a step toward a healthy lifestyle.”

The Exercise is Medicine initiative addresses physical inactivity head-on, says Sallis.  The program was launched by ACSM, with the goal of encouraging physicians to record physical activity as a vital sign during patient visits and to conclude each visit with an exercise prescription or referral to a qualified fitness professional or allied health care provider.

“Our action plan addresses how to refine the trusted relationship between physician and patient so that improved health through exercise has the same stature as any other pharmacologic intervention,” said Sallis.

A recently published ACSM book, “ACSM’s Exercise is Medicine™: A Clinician’s Guide to Exercise Prescription,” explains how to design practical exercise programs for otherwise healthy patients of all ages and fitness levels, as well as those with special conditions such as pregnancy, obesity, and cancer. The book also includes in-depth discussions of both the lifestyle approach to exercising regularly and the structured exercise approach.

In May, the Exercise is Medicine™ initiative will celebrate Exercise is Medicine™ Month, a time for physicians, health and fitness professionals, the public, and supporting organizations and their constituents to recognize, emphasize and celebrate the valuable health benefits of exercise on a national scale. To get involved with Exercise is Medicine™ Month, visit

Exercise is Medicine™ also provides valuable toolkits and resources for health care professionals, health and fitness professionals and the public. Visit for resources and more information on the initiative.


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