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New Website Puts Credible Health Information in Hands of Parents, Coaches

by User Not Found | Aug 01, 2011
ACSM REACH site launches today, offers expert-reviewed information on youth sports and health

INDIANAPOLIS – Adults concerned with the health and safety of youth athletes now have an antidote for the overdose of confusing health information, thanks to the American College of Sports Medicine. Today, the ACSM Strategic Health Initiative on Youth Sports and Health committee launched a new website to provide adults with a robust, searchable database of reliable information on youth sports and health.

The ACSM REACH website will help parents, coaches, health care providers, educators and others find credible, expert-reviewed information on youth sports and health. Experts on the committee review and approve all material included in the database, ensuring that all content on the site is medically accurate and provides sound advice.

“It is absolutely essential that parents of youth athletes have medically sound information at their disposal,” said Anthony Luke, M.D., M.P.H., chair of ACSM’s Strategic Health Initiative on Youth Sports and Health. “Our committee of 15 medical professionals thoroughly reviews all of the content on the ACSM REACH website, so we can be sure visitors are getting the very best and most accurate information available.”

The site is a product of ACSM’s Active NationTM initiative, which promotes youth health and fitness and combats childhood overweight and obesity through research, education and initiatives.

“The ultimate goal is to allow our children to safely participate in physical activity and sports,” said Dr. Luke. “By making these resources available to everyone from parents to coaches to health care providers, we can empower adults and young athletes to make informed decisions and safeguard themselves from injury.”

Visitors to the ACSM REACH website can search the database either by sports-related keyword, such as “baseball” or “injury,” or by their relationship to the youth athlete, such as “parent” or “coach.”

The website’s content – comprising information from ACSM as well as organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and The Injury Prevention Program – is split among the following categories which reflect the keywords in the REACH acronym:

  • “Research” content includes references to scientific articles and important websites.
  • “Education” content includes specific scholarly information such as position papers, tips, and recommendations.
  • “Access” content includes links to relevant organizations, health professionals and websites.
  • “Community” content includes links to information on local youth sports programs and events.
  • “Health” content includes articles and links related to the health issues of young athletes.

The public can access additional ACSM expert-reviewed resources by visiting and viewing the College’s brochures or Current Comments fact sheets.


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