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Strength Training's Not Just for Bodybuilders Anymore

by Bill Laitner | Nov 08, 2011
The variations have new names but center on the same main principle -- whether you yank on suspension bands, pull stretchy rubber tubes, heft a bulbous low-tech kettlebell or pump traditional free weights, you're moving your muscles against resistance. That's what burns calories while building healthy, attractive lean muscle tissue. Both lead to weight loss, a firm physique and a raft of other benefits. Strength training is a growing trend, according to the annual survey by the American College of Sports Medicine. It ranks No. 2 -- up from No. 6 in 2007 -- among the most popular trends for 2012, according to the poll of 2,620 fitness professionals, including certified trainers and exercise physiologists. And there's new evidence that strength and resistance training can have other benefits as well.
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