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ACSM is fortunate to be the go-to source on sports medicine and exercise science for several national and international media outlets. You can find some of our most recent coverage below, or you can view archived articles.  

  • The Afterburners: Is Post-Workout Calorie Burn Real?

    Chicago Tribune During an exercise session, vigorous cardiovascular workouts such as running or biking can typically torch more calories than resistance or strength training. But what happens once the workout is over? Exercise scientists have long debated the wondrous notion of an exercise afterburn, or the body's ability to keep burning calories even after you've showered and returned to your desk. Meanwhile, if such an effect exists, it is not clear which form of exercise — cardio or strength training — has a greater metabolism-boosting potential.

  • Exercise Caution When Choosing Health Apps

    Detroit Free Press "Just do it" is not the mantra to live by when trying out health and fitness apps for mobile devices, according to exercise physiologist Carol Torgan. Just think about it, she says. "People are making (apps), and they might not have any knowledge or certification," says Torgan, an American College of Sports Medicine fellow on technology and exercise. "There's no Good Housekeeping seal of approval yet."

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