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What if Our Children Lived 5 Extra Years?

by Lance Madden | Oct 08, 2012

Today’s youth are the first ever to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents’ generation. With a charge from Nike, a study and movement called “Designed to Move” launched last week with an aim to get the world thinking about the health and movement of children — and to change the future.

With a powerful 1:48-long YouTube video, we hear nearly 20 kids explain what they would do if they lived for an extra five years: invent a time machine; make medicine for the sick; go to the moon; get more hampsters; win five championships. We don’t really know if these are candid answers, or if these are child actors. It doesn’t matter. The message is clear that the possibilities are endless — as long as we provide a gentle push to literally keep them going. A tweet from Nike’s twitter account promoting the movement reads “We are designed to move. Standing still is only moving us backwards. It’s time for action."  View the full article at

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