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Meeting with Members of Congress and Staff

One of the most effective advocacy techniques is a simple, face-to-face meeting with elected officials or the staff who work with them. Especially if you are a Key Contact, you may find these meetings to be a rewarding way to advance the ACSM policy agenda. Meetings may take place either in district offices -- for example, when the Member is available while the House or Senate is in recess -- or on Capitol Hill, if business or personal travel takes you to the Washington, D.C. area. To learn more, contact the ACSM policy staff at

FAQs about Meeting with Congress

  • Why should ACSM members spend time advocating on Capitol Hill?

  • How do I set up a meeting?

  • What can I expect from a meeting with a member of Congress?

  • How should I prepare for my meeting?

  • How should I dress for my meeting?

  • How do I get to Capitol Hill?

  • What should I say when I meet with a member of Congress?

  • How should I follow up after the meeting?

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