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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Robert Burton (1577-1640)

Burton , Robert, The Anatomy of Melancholy, New York: Empire State Book Co., 1924.

Definition Objective
Preservation of the body, protect against melancholy, adds strength to the whole body, increases natural heat, expels excrements by sweat & other insensible vapours.

Burton, 158, 338.

Frequency Type / Mode 
Play at ball, with hand or racket, hawking, hunting, fowling, fishing, wringing, bowling, shooting, keelpins, tronks, quoits, pitching bars, hurling, wrestling, leaping, running, fencing, mustring, swimming, wasters, foils, football, baloon, quintan, riding running at rings, tilts & tournaments, horse-races, wild-goose chases, walking.
Duration Time of Day  Intensity

On an empty stomach, when body is empty of crudities

Burton, 158.

Moderate, stop at onset of perspiration or before

Burton, 337-338.

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