Student Resources

Student Resources

An integral part of the function of the Central States Chapter is getting students involved in their primary professional organization

Student Podcast Episode 1 

Conversation with Aaron Caldwell, University of Arkansas PhD candidate

Student Podcast Episode 2

Conversation with Dr. Nicholas Greene, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas

Student Podcast Episode 3

Conversation with Dr. Tim Lightfoot, Omar Smith Endowed Professor of Kinesiology and Director of the Huffines Institute, Texas A&M University

Student Podcast Episode 4

Conversation with PhD student Whitley Atkins about working in a tech start up firm


Student Research Awards

Central States students who present at the regional conference are eligible for student research awards. The Outstanding Student Research Awards are given for each level, undergraduate, master's and doctoral. Application and eligibility details are in the Abstract Submission Guidelines for the Annual Meeting. The winner in each category is provided with financial support to present at the ACSM Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

The best student poster is nominated to compete in the President's Cup at the ACSM Annual Meeting in Orlando. The chapter provides financial support for student travel.

For application instructions please view the Abstract Submission and Scoring information on the Abstract Submission page

2018 Student Research Award Winners

Undergraduate - Bradley Currier - Lindenwood University
Masters - Kirsten Dunlap - University of Arkansas
Doctoral - Emily Witte - Kansas State University

SRA 2018 UG Brad Currier (2)
SRA 2018 MS Kirsten Dunlap (2)
SRA 2018 PhD Emily Witte (2)

Congratulations to the 2018 Student Research Grant Recipients

Masters Level

Elizabeth Ott (University of Missouri) Role of the carotid chemoreceptors in blood flow and blood pressure regulation during exercise in diabetes

Seth Sievers (Southeast Missouri State University) Acute Effects of Resistance Training Intensity and Volume on Serum Cortisol Response in Division I American Football Linebackers

Doctoral Level

Samuel Buchanan (University of Oklahoma) Alterations of C-Mirna Expression from Whole-Body Vibration and Resistance Exercise in Postmenopausal Women 

Aaron Caldwell (University of Arkansas) Influence of heating, standing, and biological sex on vascular dysfunction associated with long-duration sitting 

Mitchel Magrini (Oklahoma State University) The Physiological Determinants of Rate of Force Production Across the Life Span

Seth SRG 2018
Caldwell SRG 2018 (2)
Buchanan SRG 2018
Hans Rudolph
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Four Ways to Develop a Healthy Mindset

Athletes and non-athletes alike need to develop a skill set that will improve "mental toughness" and allow them to develop a healthy mindset, particularly in the face of challenges. Dr. Chertok outlines a simple toolkit.

Back into Action: A Coach’s Guide to Putting a Player back in the Game | Infographic

Non-life threatening injuries are a common part of sport activity. Seeking help is smart and safe and can help athletes from developing more serious problems if the injury is not evaluated and treated properly. This infographic provides general rules of thumb for when to seek immediate medical help and when it is safe to send players back into the game.

Physical Activity Guidelines: Cancer

This chart outlines the effects of exercise on health-related outcomes in those with cancer. The guide features evidence-based physical activity recommendations and the associated benefits for specific symptoms and side effects of cancer and its treatments.

Effective Strategies to Enhance Long Term Athletic Development - How to Reduce Overuse and Burnout Injuries in Young Athletes

To maximize Long Term Athletic Development, young athletes benefit from developing well-rounded fundamental motor skills. Learn six key ways to reduce overuse injuries and burnout in young athletes.

Halloween Safety Tips | Infographic

Halloween can be a fun holiday for families if you follow these safety tips to keep trick-or-treaters and party goers safe at night!

A Road Map to Effective Muscle Recovery

As a physically active individual, recovery is key to preventing injuries and allowing the body to rebuild itself after the stress of exercise. Our muscles, tendons, ligaments and energy stores require recovery, repair and replenishment to perform at our best during the next exercise bout. Learn about effective muscle recovery methods in this brochure.

Investing in a Personal Trainer

Making the right choice in a fitness professional is an important investment to your health, wellness and life. Experienced ACSM professionals have created this resource to help guide you to selecting the right personal trainer to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals.

Atrial Fibrillation: What Do I Need to Know?

Atrial fibrillation is a problem with your heart’s electrical signals. Afib causes the beating of your upper chambers (atria) to be irregular, making it difficult for the lower chambers (ventricles) to pump blood to the body. Learn more about Afib, its symptoms and risks factors, as well as how to be active when you have Afib in this digital article.

Build Your Personal Certification Exam Prep Plan | Infographic

At ACSM, we recognize you are busy, unique and have your own preferences for studying. That’s why we provide study options in multiple formats so you can choose the approach that works best for you. Let this infographic be your guide to setting up your customized exam prep plan!

Selecting the Right Fitness Facility for You | Brochure

Prior to joining a health/fitness facility, you should ask key questions that you need to ask before joining a fitness facility / club / gym in this printable brochure.