NACSM Student Research Awards

NACSM Student Research Awards

This program encourages student to get involved in conducting and presenting research. The awards are presented as a means to foster interest and to reward excellence. Prizes are awarded by reimbursing winners for expenditures related to any Northland ACSM or ACSM activity, including conferences, membership or certification. NACSM will determine the number and amount of awards that are made to both graduate and undergraduate students. 

Award Eligibility

  1. You must be a current Northland Chapter ACSM Student Member at the time of submission and on the meeting date. Join or update your membership if needed. 
  2.  Your abstract must follow the rules for submission.
  3. You must have a NACSM Professional member from your institution serve as a faculty sponsor for your research. If you do not have one, contact the NACSM Chapter Office for help. 

Call for Research / Abstracts

The Call for Research / Abstracts process occurs in February preceding the meeting. Graduate and undergraduate students may submit research abstracts. View complete abstract submission information.