March 12-15, 2020 • Hilton Atlanta • Atlanta, Georgia
American College of Sports Medicine

Master Class Workouts

Learn from the leaders in the field to enhance your group exercise programs or personal training business - there's something for everyone. Faculty are on hand to demonstrate new routines, equipment and concepts, as well as sharing their enthusiasm to help make you a better instructor. Broaden your horizon and try something new. Your clients will thank you for bringing the latest and greatest their way!

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Counterflow Yoga


 Summer Sides

We live in a society where people spend the majority of their day hunched over computers/phones/tablets, sitting in a car, or lounged in front of the tv. This has created a culture of rounded shoulders, forward necks, hunched backs, and tight hips -- all which lead to poor posture and injury risk profiles. This vinyasa yoga inspired flow will counter those postures with chest openers, back strengtheners, and other functional movement patterns to open people's bodies and minds to pain free movement.

Get LIT on the Dance Floor


 Alex McLean

Get hyped, get pumped, get LIIT on the dance floor!  Though HIIT has dominated the past few years, LIIT or low intensity interval training is making its resurgence on the scene!  Be ready to jam not jump, glide not burpee!  Groove to the non-stop beat to heat up the dance floor!

Happy Hips


 Linda Webster

Come and experience this Fusion class that works on creating Happy Hips!  Using movement from physical therapy, yoga, pilates and strength training the class focus is on increasing hip mobility and strength; decreasing imbalances and back pain; increasing flexibility in the areas surrounding the hips; creating spinal fluidity and balance, and allowing the body overall better movement.  This class is low impact and appropriate for all populations – including your older adults.

Spartan Strong


 Aimee Nicotera

To be a Spartan takes more than just completing an obstacle course.  It is a mindset.  It is a lifestyle.  It is an attitude.  Feel  the Spartan spirit come alive in the new group fitness format, Spartan Strong.  Challenge your mind, train your body, and discover your inner Spartan as you embody 5 key Spartan principles: Readiness, Stamina, Accountability, Tenacity and Resilience.  Get LIFE READY! GET RACE READY! AROO!

The Olympic Circuit


 Alex McLean

Every 4 years, the world marvels at the sculpted bodies and heroic feats of the Olympians!  In 1996, the Atlanta Olympics showcased Michael Johnson’s gold shoes and the Magnificent Seven from gymnastics!  Are you next for Atlanta in 2020?  Train like an athlete using your own bodyweight. Manipulate the mechanics of your body to achieve that strong and agile body.  Centered on foundational movements, reinforced by science and motivated by results, get ready to go for the gold!

The 10 Active Recovery Movements (ARMs) for Interval Classes


 Linda Webster

An Interval Class is only as effective as its Recoveries!  Learn the Top 10 Active Recovery Movements (ARMs) for any interval class you teach – H.I.I.T., Bootcamp, Cardio-Strength – you name it!  Learn how to keep participants engaged in between the ‘intensity intervals’, how to keep them moving effectively to recover cardio and muscular systems, and how to add the ‘AWESOME’ into your classes.

Total Body Tabata


 Stephanie Cooper

This hour-long workout will target the entire body through explosive cardiorespiratory exercises, as well as, challenging resistance exercises. All exercises will be performed with tabata-style intervals: 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of recovery. This 2:1 work to rest ratio is guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone!

Body Weight Barre

Tricia Madden

With Barre being one of today's biggest fitness trends, our classes are packed and our members are constantly wanting more. However; barre classes typically work in very repetitive movements for long periods of time. Have you ever considered creating a more functional movement barre class? Could you begin to create movement patterns that will both provide muscular endurance but also better kinesthetic awareness in their bodies? If you said YES, put away the hand weights, tubing, balls etc., because in this workout all you need is your own body. We will provide you with the background and benefits of bodyweight training in barre and you will take away choreography for amping up and helping create better function in your members bodies. Come learn how to build a better Barre ... and bodies.

Let the Beat Drop

Tricia Madden

Music is a powerful tool that can set the tone for your class, increase students’ energy, and make a lasting impact on individuals. In this workout, you will learn three ways to choreograph barre workouts to music in a one song per segment format. Additionally, you will master cueing strategies to help you smoothly and efficiently move your students through the workout in a way that creates flow and leaves every student feeling successful.

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