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Care of the Athletic Heart: Contemporary Concepts, Cases and Controversies

  • Dates: 20 – 23 Jun, 2018
  • Location: Park City, Utah
Sports cardiology is quickly developing beyond the field of elite athlete cardiovascular (CV) care. Recently polled cardiologists indicated they see on average five patient athletes per week. Since the athletic population in recent years has doubled in all major demographic groups, a larger contingent of practice-ready clinicians who understand the contemporary care and practice management strategies is needed. To meet these growing demands for professional, recreational, occupational and tactical athletes, the American College of Cardiology (ACC) will gather experts from around the world in Park City, Utah in June 2018.

The ACC's course, Care of the Athletic Heart: Contemporary Concepts, Cases and Controversies will connect you with these sports cardiology experts who care for this diverse population of athletes. This year's course focuses on essential cardiovascular care of athletes across the spectrum but will have a deep dive in the over-35 athlete, with focus on those who exercise during middle-age. Whether a firefighter, collegiate athlete or a 50-year-old marathon runner - the ACC's Care of the Athletic Heart course will provide you with the contemporary strategies needed to tailor cardiovascular care to athletes and exercising individuals.

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