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Upcoming ACSM Meetings

  • Advanced Team Physician Course

    December 8-11, 2016
    Coronado, California

    Audience: This conference is designed for any team physician, certified athletic trainer, physical therapist or coach concerned with the management or prevention of injuries to the team athlete.

    This Advanced Team Physician Course is a collaborative effort between ACSM, AMSSM and AOSSM.  The live activity is designed to provide up-to-date information on the evaluation and treatment of medical illnesses and musculoskeletal injuries occurring in competitive and recreational athletes. While the emphasis will be on athletes participating in team sports, many topics will be applicable to competitors in individual sports. The live activity format utilizes lectures, case presentations, debates on controversial topics, panel discussions, question and answer sessions and information discussions with the faculty. Presenters are encouraged to rely on evidence-based medicine where available.

  • Regional Chapter Meetings

    Please contact an ACSM Regional Chapter for information on exhibiting or supporting their meetings.
  • Exercise is Medicine Conference and Think Tank

    The Wild Wild West of Quantified Healthcare:

    A Conference and Think Tank on mHealth Integration for Exercise is Medicine

    December 5-6, 2016
    Atlanta, Georgia

    Attendees of this think tank meeting and conference will be challenged with helping to establish a framework for integrating objective physical activity data into routine health care delivery. Ultimately, this integration framework can help refine the development and implementation of wellness programs and clinical interventions for the prevention and management of more than 40 common and costly diseases related to inactivity such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancers, depression, osteoporosis and Alzheimers.

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  • ACSM Team Physician Course

    February 1-5, 2017
    San Diego, California

    The ACSM Team Physician Course offers attendees the core knowledge needed to care for sports teams in the community. Through hands-on workshops you will be presented new perspectives in the orthopedic, primary care and emergency medicine aspects of sports medicine and athlete care.

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  • Health & Fitness Summit & Expo

    April 6-9, 2017
    San Diego, California

    In its twenty-first year, ACSM's Health & Fitness Summit & Expo continues to celebrate and share innovations in science and practice with industry professionals - like yourself - who seek to be the best!

    Your professional development and information needs are top priority! Not only will you earn CECs you need to renew your ACSM certification, you'll leave the conference with practical ideas and applications supported by credible, evidence-based information, and ACSM's trusted brand.

    Audience: 900+ health & fitness professionals, program directors, personal trainers, public health professionals, educators and other health care practitioners.

    Contact Anne Krug with questions about exhibiting and Paul Giese with questions about the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit & Expo.


  • ACSM Annual Meeting, World Congress on Exercise is Medicine® and World Congress on The Basic Science of Exercise and the Brain

    May 30 - June 3, 2017
    Denver, Colorado

    Audience: 5,000+ exercise physiologists, applied physiologists, scientists in other specialties, physicians, educators and other health care professionals.

    The ACSM Annual Meeting, World Congress on Exercise is Medicine and World Congress on The Basic Science of Exercise and the Brain draws the largest and most diverse audience of all ACSM events. A vast amount of original research is presented at the meeting, along with a myriad of session types, social events and a robust exhibit hall. Contact Anne Krug with questions about exhibiting and Paul Giese with questions about partnering with the ACSM Annual Meeting and World Congress on Exercise is Medicine.

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