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Student Membership & Benefits

Student members must meet the qualification information listed below.  Student membership includes the following benefits:

  • Electronic subscriptions to:      
    • ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® (bi-monthly)
    • ACSM’s scientific journal, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise® (monthly)
    • ACSM’s review of current research topics, Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews (quarterly)
    • Current Sports Medicine Report (for medical student members only) (bi-monthly)
    • Translational Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine (bi-weekly)
  • Electronic subscription to ACSM’s weekly e-newsmagazine, Sports Medicine Bulletin
  • Access to and inclusion in ACSM’s Online Membership Directory
  • Discounts on ACSM Certification exams (excludes specialty exams), ACSM continuing education credits, and insurance and consumer products
  • Discount on registration to the ACSM Health & Fitness Summit and the ACSM Annual Meeting.
  • ACSM membership ID card
  • ACSM Member Identity Mark for use on print or Web sites

Student Membership ($10 first year only)

Student membership is open to any college student meeting the following criteria:
* Full-time undergraduate student studying in a field related to exercise science or sports medicine and is currently enrolled in 12+ credit hours.
* Graduate student who has earned a bachelor's degree in a field related to exercise science or sports medicine and is carrying at least 6+ credit hours.
* Medical Student membership is open to any college student who has been accepted into a medical school and is carrying at least one-half of a full academic load, as defined by the attending institution.

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