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Regional Chapter Trustee-
The elected Regional Chapter Trustee also serves on the ACSM Foundation Board to represent the chapters.  The Regional Chapter Trustee to the Foundation Board serves as the voice of the chapters and tries to bring forth the chapter viewpoint during discussions.  When a potential new agreement is under consideration, it is submitted to the Regional Chapter Trustee for review.  Should any issues arise that the Trustee things might warrant discussion with and input from the chapters prior to moving forward, she would bring that information to the Regional Chapters Committee.  This type of situation may occur when ACSM is considering partnerships with direct impact or funding implications for the chapters.  ACSM’s goal is to provide opportunities for funding and programming without forcing chapters to participate in any activity. 

Specific Funding Provided to Chapters through the ACSM Foundation-

  • Student Award Money-The ACSM Foundation provides $500 per chapter each year to be used for student research awards and support.Chapters are to provide information on how this money was utilized in the Chapters’ year-end “Regional Chapter Activity Reports.”
  • Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) Funding- Through the Foundation, ACSM has a partnership with GSSI.Yearly, each chapter is provided with a $1000 grant to support its chapter annual meeting.In addition, GSSI provides one Gatorade Speaker per year. Gatorade pays for all travel and honoraria related to their speakers (estimated $30,000 total in in-kind donation).In exchange, the Chapters must acknowledge GSSI on meeting publications, on-site signage, and on-site program books/handouts. This agreement is in place through 2017.**The ACSM Advancement Department currently is in discussions to renew the ACSM / GSSI partnership agreement for 2018 & beyond. A partnership meeting is scheduled for June 2017. We hope to be able to announce a new agreement (as well as the terms of the agreement) later in the summer 2017.
  • The Foundation does provide program-specific funding at various times depending on partnerships.These programs and funding opportunities will be announced as partnerships are formed.When the ACSM Advancement / Foundation departments are looking to land new partnerships, they usually pitch a Regional Chapter component as part of the program.

Funding Provided to Chapters through the ACSM Operating Budget-
Each year, ACSM provides $4250 to each chapter for support of general chapter operating expenses. ACSM instituted the ACSM Regional Chapter Grant program in 2014.The ACSM Board of Trustees approved the program for three (3) years. Total funds distributed through the program will be as follows: $20,000 in 2014; $40,000 in 2015 and $60,000 in 2016 & 2017. These funds are distributed to the regional chapters via a formal application process.Application guidelines are subject to change from year to year depending on funding and organizational priorities. If funding is available for the following year, application materials will be distributed in late November.

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