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Prepare for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games by checking out the latest cutting-edge research published by the American College of Sports Medicine in the areas of athlete care, nutrition, Paralympic athletes, elite athletic performance, sport-specific research, and more!   The research featured is available in ACSM's scholarly journals: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, Current Sports Medicine Reports, and ACSM's Health and Fitness Journal. 

General Olympics Topics

Zika and Rio Olympic Games
Sports Injuries in Paralympic Track and Field Athletes with Visual Impairment

Physiological Characteristics of an Aging Olympic Athlete
Judging the Judges’ Performance in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Athlete Care 

Whole-Body Cryostimulation Limits Overreaching in Elite Synchronized Swimmers
Training-Related Risk of Common Illnesses in Elite Swimmers over a 4-yr Period
Exercise in the Heat and Adequate Hydration
Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Noninvasive Solutions for Runners
Hypoxanthine: A Universal Metabolic Indicator of Training Status in Competitive Sports
The Effects of Practice on Coordination
Medical Coverage of Gymnastics Competitions
Medical care of the aquatics athlete


Nutrition and Athletic Performance
The Ketogenic Diet and Sport: A Possible Marriage?
Nutrition and Supplements for Elite Open-Weight Rowing

Sport-specific Research

Mechanical and Muscular Coordination Patterns during a High-Level Fencing Assault
Concussive Injuries in Rugby 7s: An American Experience and Current Review
Hypoventilation Training at Supramaximal Intensity Improves Swimming Performance
The Relationship between Pedal Force and Crank Angular Velocity in Sprint Cycling
Effects of Workloads and Cadences on Frontal Plane Knee Biomechanics in Cycling
Effect of Caffeine on Golf Performance and Fatigue During a Competitive Tournament

Related Author Commentary

The Power of Gratitude
Standing Tall for Success
Adjusting to the FITWOPs: Factors In the Way of Perfection
A Biomechanical Perspective on Prostheses in Athletics
Insights on Working with Professional Athletes
Diabetes and Physical Activity
Tips to Teach Kids Good Sportsmanship
Factors That Influence Daily Calorie Needs
Feeling Needlessly Fatigued? Consider Anemia
Sports Nutrition Unplugged
Tips to Help Children Deal with the Pressure to Compete and Develop Confidence
Snacking Tips for Olympic Viewing
Mind and Body Imagery in Sports and Beyond
Prosthetic Devices at the Olympics
Competing During Pregnancy

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