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Action Plan for Arthritis

Take control of your arthritis! Reduce symptoms and keep joints mobile with Action Plan for Arthritis. This guide will help you determine the type and extent of exercise you need to counteract the pain, limitations and expense associated with the disease.

Developed in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine, Action Plan for Arthritis is a complete and effective guide. Inside you will find:

  • strength training, flexibility and aerobic training programs;
  • guidance in customizing the programs based on your level of fitness and degree of arthritis;
  • joint-friendly exercise options, including water exercise, tai chi and yoga; and
  • real-life motivation stories from others who are thriving with the same condition.

You’ll also find information on the pros and cons of supplement use so that you can make informed decisions about the “cures” advertised for arthritis.

Action Plan for Arthritis combines the scientific and medical knowledge on how exercise can effectively diminish the impact of what can be a debilitating disease. Put this plan to use not just to survive but also to thrive, and you will feel better than you ever thought possible!

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