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Incorporating Technology Into Your Personal Training Business

By: Scott Richmond and Dylan Harris 
As with any industry, technology within the health/ fitness world has its place and there are numerous advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to coaching/training, can using the newest gadgets and technology really improve the experience and grow your business? Read more. 

Fitness Training On-demand: Convenience and Value for the Consumer

By: Sue Brown

It’s no surprise that the same technology that brings us family face time and business meetings from remote locations has entered the world of fitness. We’ve been using exercise apps for years, and personal trainers can book sessions online through a variety of programs. Taking the next step to actually training through cyber-space is the most logical progression. Read more.

Fitness Trackers Can Be Fashionable and Functional

By: Paul R. Hibbing, M.S., Samuel R. LaMunion, M.S. and Lindsay P. Toth, M.S.

Fitness tracking has become a major industry, with new devices that uniquely combine form and function constantly entering the market. The products range from smart watches to necklaces, as well as clips for the hip and shoe, and even rings. These devices automatically track calories burned, steps taken, distance traveled, and more. But underneath the stylish exterior, it is often unclear exactly how these activity trackers work, and even more unclear whether they work well. Read more. 

Why Am I Not Getting Leaner? 

By: Nancy Clark, M.S., R.D., CSSD

“I religiously track my food and exercise. I’m eating 1,300 calories (the number my tracker told me to eat if I want to lose 2 pounds a week). I’ve been following a strict diet and the scale hasn’t budged. My friends tell me I am eating too little. I think I must be eating too much because I am not losing weight. I feel so confused… What am I doing wrong?” Read more. 

Bringing Some Clarity to Fitness Terminology

By: Sue Brown

If you find yourself confused with fitness lingo, here is a short glossary of some common terms.

Aerobic exercise – is that which demands a continuous amount of oxygen to the muscle, often called “cardio.”

Anaerobic exercise – is that which does not require oxygen to complete the task, usually strength training. Read more.

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