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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Thomas Cogan

Cogan, Thomas, The Haven of Health (London: Henrie Midleton, 1584).

Definition Objective
Vehement moving, the end whereof is the alteration of the breath or winde of man.

(1) hardnesse & strength of the members; (2) increase of heat--more alteration of things digested, quick alteration & better nourishing; (3) more violence of the breath or wind--pores are cleansed & the filth of body expelled naturally.

Frequency Type / Mode 

Swift--running, playing with weapons, throwing of the ball

Strong/violent--wrestling, casting the bar

Vehement--dancing, leaping, football play

Best exercise=tennis

Cogan, 1-3

Duration Time of Day  Intensity

(1) exercise till the flesh swells; (2) until the flesh is somewhat red; (3) body be nimble, active & ready to all motions; (4) until sweat & hot vapors burst forth.

Before meat, when 1 st & 2 nd digestion is complete in stomach & the veins.

Cogan, 7-8.


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