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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

Leonardus Lessius

Lessius, Leonardus, Hygiasticon: or, the right course of preserving life and health unto extream old age ( Cambridge, R. Daniel, 1634).

Definition Objective

Necessary for those employed in study & affairs of the mind to also apply themselves to bodily exercise. Quotes Hippocrates belief on the true course to health relies on the spareness of food in conjunction with exercise of the body. Lemnius believes that the sober diet is better than exercise b/c exercise works some parts more than others, there is often great perturbation in the humors, and because of the heat generated, a danger of sickness is accompanied with exercise. But moderate exercise can be profitable and necessary for many. The named exercises are the best for the stir all the muscles of the breast, back, and ride the joints of superflous humors.

Lessius, 19, 104, 111-15.

Frequency Type / Mode 
Use a swing, toss a barre, stoole or other heavy things, with 2-3 lb weights strike and swing their arms about them, the one after the other, as if they fought with a shadow.

Lessius, 115.

Duration Time of Day  Intensity



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