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The Evolution of Medical Views on Exercise

M. M. Rodgers

Rodgers, M. M., MD, Physical Education and Medical Management of Children. For the Use of Families and Teachers, Rochester, N.Y.: Erastus Darrow, 1848.

Definition Objective

Tendency to develop the muscles & lungs, & ensure healthy digestion treatment of scrofula.

Rodgers, 63, 111.
Frequency Type / Mode 

Infant — no restriction in movement.

After 2 years old — both boys & girls should be permitted to roam free & unconfined.

The first 8-10 years of childhood — flying a kite, rolling a hoop, jumping the rope, rowing a boat, playing at ball, skating, & all kinds of athletic exercise.
Exercise should have some motive & engage the mind.

Rodgers, 63-4.
Duration Time of Day  Intensity

Exercise should not be taken immediately after meals, nor under the rays of the sun in very hot weather.

Rodgers, 64.

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