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ACSM's Policy on endorsing scientific statements from outside organizations

ACSM welcomes the opportunity to consider endorsing scientific statements from outside organizations and has an approved policy in place to handle these requests. ACSM’s pronouncements committee will organize the peer review of scientific statements and make a recommendation to the board of trustees regarding endorsement. The board of trustees makes the final decision regarding endorsement.

Normally, ACSM will not review and consider a document for endorsement unless the submitting organization is open to considering recommendations for revision. In addition, ACSM routinely needs to receive the document four to six weeks prior to the outside organization’s decision deadline in order to provide thoughtful review. More extensive documents may require additional time to review and process. In special cases where the document is received less than four to six weeks prior to a decision deadline and ACSM remains interested in the possibility of endorsement, it will consider moving forward with the review on a case-by-case basis.

Organizations wishing to have ACSM consider endorsement of their scientific statement should direct all requests to Lynette L. Craft, PhD, FACSM, vice president for evidence based practice and scientific affairs.

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