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Roundtable Objectives

The objectives for all ACSM roundtables are: 

  • To bring together experts to examine topics consistent with the mission of ACSM.
  • To review and discuss scientific research related to the topic.
  • To provide a forum for interaction between experts on the topic.
  • To develop clear consensus statements that defines our understanding of the relationship between exercise and the topic.
  • To develop recommendations for future research as applied to exercise and the topic.
  • To publish the outcomes of the conference in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise®.

Depending on the nature of the topic, roundtables may also:

  • Provide an opportunity for policymakers at all levels to hear the consensus statements as they relate to exercise and quality of life.
  • Apply the consensus statements to current practices and policies.
  • Raise public awareness of critical issues in health and science and to increase visibility of ACSM as a leading organization in the areas of sports medicine and exercise science.

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