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American College of Sports Medicine Statement on Team Physicians

by User Not Found | Feb 01, 2013

The American College of Sports Medicine asserts the qualifications, professionalism and dedication of team physicians at every level of sport. Players in youth leagues and on high school, college, professional and Olympic teams rely on physicians who are ethical, well trained and committed. The Team Physician courses and Team Physician Consensus Statements are evidence of these professionals’ drive to ensure the health and safety of the players in their care. ACSM is proud to join other medical societies in offering these and other opportunities for training and professional education of the highest caliber.

Individual athletes frequently thank their team physicians for their availability and skill. For the medical professionals who work long hours, travel and make other sacrifices, this gratitude and the opportunity to see athletes develop safely are the highest rewards. As science progresses and the practice of medicine continues to evolve, the trust between physician and patient — on the playing field and in the clinic – remains as essential as ever.

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