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Physical Activity, Sport and Health Scorecard, 114th Congress

ACSM supports evidence-based public policy that encourages healthy lifestyles and the safe enjoyment of sports and other physical activities. In fact, ACSM advocates on several different issues on the federal, state and local level and it is through this advocacy that ACSM is able to affect positive change that results in healthy lifestyles.
During the 114th Congress, we have advocated for policies and programs such as active transportation, physical activity in schools, physical activity recommendations or the Congressional Commitment to Physical Activity.

Listed below are key issues we monitored and scored for each member of Congress in the House of Representatives and the Senate. Please click the link below to view the scorecard for your member of Congress.   

  1. Congressional Commitment to Physical Activity (CCPA)
  2. Every Student Succeeds Act - P.L. 114-95
    (House Roll Call #665; Senate Roll Call #334) (ESSA)
  3. Physical Activity Recommendations for Americans Act - H.R. 1499/S. 1793 (PAR)
  4. Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act - P.L. 114-94 (House Roll Call #673; Senate Roll Call #331) (FAST)
  5. Personal Health Investment Today Act - H.R. 1218/S. 2218 (PHIT)
  6. Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2015 - H.R. 921/S. 689 (SMLCA)

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