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Take action for a fitter city!

The American Fitness Index inspires community leaders and residents to recognize and celebrate the factors that contribute to their city’s culture of health and fitness. 

Is your community not one of the 100 cities ranked by the Fitness Index?

The Community Fitness Assessment was designed to help stakeholders in communities that were not included in the annual Fitness Index rankings apply a similar approach to assessing your community fitness, and build understanding of the individual and societal factors related to physical activity in the community. The Community Fitness Assessment will lead you through the steps to find data about your community, identify peer communities, and then assess your community’s areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement.

Download the Community Fitness Assessment

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  • What can city officials and community leaders do to create a fitter city?

  • Why should health and fitness be important to city officials?

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To connect with a spokesperson or request a resource, contact ACSM Chief Communications Officer Paul Branks.