Membership FAQs

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FAQ - Membership

  • I'm not sure what type of membership I should apply for, any advice?

  • I am a current member and need to renew my dues.

  • Does ACSM offer insurance coverage?

  • Does ACSM provide list rental?

  • How do I access my online membership benefits?

  • How do I access my member journals electronically?

  • Can I change my Username or Password?

  • How do I change my address/contact information?

  • How do I access my ACSM ID number?

  • When can I expect to receive my membership information/materials?

  • Does ACSM certification include an ACSM membership?

  • How can I get a membership receipt?

  • I think I made a duplicate membership payment. What happens now?

  • How do I notify ACSM of a member's passing?