NEW! Research Development Competiton


Attention Faculty!!!
We have 2 research competitions
for your undergraduate students:

Undergraduate Research Design Competition!
Undergraduate and Graduate Research Poster Competition!

Spring 2020 Greater New York ACSM Conference

Saturday, April. 4th, 2020

2020 Kelly Commons Great Room 4th & 5th Floor
Manhattan College
4513 Manhattan College Pkwy Bronx, NY

Deadline for Submission: March 17th 2020


Each student AND sponsoring faculty member should design and develop a proposal for a research project to present as a poster at the 2019 GNYACSM Spring Poster Competition outlining their proposed research activities. The winner will receive a $1,000 grant to use towards their project, which the student will then present at the Fall 2020 GNYACSM conference. 

Please provide a one-page proposal letter stating the following:

  1. All applications will be submitted with a faculty sponsor, who will act as the guarantor of the research project. Other aspects of the application will include:
  2. Research plan
    1. Introduction – What is the background and rationale for the research?
    2. Study Design – How is the study designed to investigate the aims?
    3. Data collection – What will the student be doing?
    4. Budget – How will the funds be used to support the student’s activities?
    5. Project feasibility and timeline – Statement supporting the feasibility of the data collection and timeline to collect data.
    6. IRB approval: If human subjects are involved please provide IRB approval documentation.

Other items to be included in the application:

  1. Faculty statement – Letter supporting the student’s research activity and commitment to attend spring and fall meetings if awarded.
  2. Student statement – Letter demonstrating commitment to research and commitment to collect research data and attend spring and fall meetings if awarded.


Abstract  Submission  Process

All students who are enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at the time of the 2020 Annual Spring Meeting are invited to submit an abstract for poster presentation at the Annual Meeting and will compete for cash awards.

Deadline for Submission:  March 17, 2020

Notification of Acceptance:  March 24, 2020


For abstract submission,

ANY formatting, technical, or abstract related questions not addressed, in either this PDF or the online abstract submission form, should be emailed to:

Rules for Submission (Check all items before submission):

  1. Prior to the conference, any abstract previously presented (other than their institution) or published by any print or online publication, will be deemed ineligible for submission.
  2. Only ONE submission is allowed per any author designated the lead, primary, or first listed author.While coauthors are permitted to submit multiple abstracts, the lead author must be the presenter and submit to questions from conference judges.
  3. All studies must comply with respective human (IRB) or animal (IACUC) guidelines, in accordance with the ACSM statement for Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise ®.Please see the Attached Addendum

Abstract Submission Format & Preparation:

Please read and follow the directions below for the submission of research abstracts.

Abstract submissions that do not follow the submission guidelines may be

rejected. Abstracts that do not meet scientific or editorial standards will not be accepted.

  1. The type of research conducted by the student must align with the mission of ACSM, which is to: “…advance and integrate scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine”. Examples of topics (aligned with National) are included below, for both applied and clinical.
  2. All wording should be in English utilizing; correct spelling, grammar, and proper contextual word usage. All acronyms are required to be first fully defined at least once within the body of the abstract prior to any other uses (the title is unnecessary).No brand names are permitted within the submitted abstract. All abstract submissions must follow formats demonstrated in the examples below.
  3. There is a strict 2000 character limit for the abstract’s main body (not including spaces / title/subheadings/author block).
  4. The title of the abstract is limited to 15 words.
  5. The body of the abstract MUST include the following “sections”: PURPOSE, METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSION (see the example abstracts below for clarification)
  6. Include the names, institutional affiliations, and emails of all authors.Names should include full first name, middle initial (optional), & full last name.DO NOT list degrees, certifications, or departments. LIST ALL ACSM Fellow(s), sponsorship, funding, grants, subsidies, or ANY conflict(s) of interest.
  7. Reference citations, photos, illustrations, graphs, tables, charts, etc. are NOT permitted within the abstract’s text, but should be available on Research Committee request or in the slide presentation.


Award Selection Criteria for Abstract Evaluation and Presentation

*These judging criteria are consistent with those used to judge the national-level competition*

  1. Significance: How well the project relates to the mission statement of ACSM, which is to “advance and integrate scientific research to provide educational and practical applications of exercise science and sports medicine.”
  2. Innovation: The novelty of the project, especially relating to the use of new methodologies, studying of under investigated populations and/or addressing emerging problems relating to exercise and sports medicine.
  3. Research Design: The ability of the methodologies used to address the research question and hypothesis. Additionally, the appropriate use of experimental design and statistics to test the hypothesis.
  4. Ability to Respond to Questions: Ability of the student to demonstrate knowledge of the literature related to their field of study as well as demonstrate critical thinking for future studies.
  5. Poster Design and Presentation Skills: Clarity of the poster and description of research project.


Conference Awards for Invited Poster Presentations

ALL presenters will each receive a full complement of CECs / CEUs for the entire day’s attendance along with their given presentations.  Additionally, presenters will receive a one-year ACSM-GNYRC Membership. Regional conference registration fee will be waived for all scheduled invited attending presenters with free breakfast & lunch provided on site.


Each abstract presented will be judged for a first, second or third place position. The    first place winner will receive a $350 award, second place a $250 award, and 3rd place a $150 award.


Please feel free to forward to anyone who may have interest.