Election Candidates

Election Candidates

President Elect

Gary McCall, PhD


I am a Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA, and a Fellow of the ACSM. My involvement in ACSM regional chapters began in 1991 in the Rocky Mountain chapter, of which I served on the board as the chapter’s student representative.I have been active in attending Southwest and Northwest chapter annual meetings, as well as the national ACSM meeting most years since 1992. I bring a group of our undergraduate students to the ACSM Northwest annual meetings every year, and numerous students have presented posters.Recently, I served a three-year term as the Member at Large-Research on the ACSM Northwest Executive Board, and participated in planning the annual meeting held in Tacoma.



I have a demonstrated commitment to ACSM regional chapter activities that spans three decades among three regional chapters.ACSM’s regional chapters provide valuable opportunities and support for students to present and pursue their research and career interests while networking with more senior colleagues, fitness and industry professionals, as well as their student peers.If elected as the ACSM Northwest President-elect, I would bring 30 years of ACSM-related participation to the board. My primary goal would be to facilitate and further enrich the opportunities for students and professional members in the ACSM Northwest region to collaborate and share their diverse interests. I envision working with the board and other members of the chapter to identify strategies to accomplish this goal, and further shaping and defining more specific goals through direct feedback and interaction with the students in our region.I have met many talented individuals within our regional chapter, and my intent is to support the visions of our members and maintain the high quality and standards of our chapter as we move forward.


Member at Large: Fitness

 Timothy Burnett, PhD





I currently work at Oregon State University - Cascades as a full-time faculty member in the Kinesiology department. My teaching has included a large amount of the kinesiology curriculum, including, but not limited to Exercise Physiology, Aging, Activity and Chronic disease, Exercise Testing and Prescription, Muscle Physiology, and Supernatural Physiology. My previous education (PhD from Ball State University in Human Bioenergetics) has aided me in developing student based research projects ideal for central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest (Bioenergetics of rock climbing and snowboarding). As a long-time ACSM member (for me at least; since 2009) and current PNW resident, I feel my position on the board would allow me to help the NWACSM achieve its goals.


I believe in the substantial benefits of physical activity, and think that promoting these among our population is one of the best ways to improve the quality of life for people on this planet. My service on the board for NWACSM is an important avenue of my service to my fellow human.



National Student Rep.

Katie Christison, M.S


Katie is a graduate research assistant, teaching assistant, and community testing coordinator in the School of Integrative Physiology and Athletic Training at the University of Montana. She is currently working on her Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies with specialization in wildland firefighter occupational physiology and exercise oncology, working under the direction of Dr. Chuck Dumke. Her dissertation research focuses on the benefit of exercise in breast cancer survivors, focusing on the modality of dragon boat racing. She is the first author of one published peer-reviewed manuscript, with another in review, and is co-author to four others in review manuscripts on topics surrounding wildland firefighter training, heat stress, and smoke exposure. She has presented research at regional and national American College of Sports Medicine conferences, winning the Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Research Presentation at the 2020 Northwest ACSM meeting. Previously, she earned her B.A. in Integrated Physiology at the University of Colorado in Integrative Physiology and Mathematics before obtaining her M.S. in Exercise Science at the University of Montana.


o successfully perform the duties of this position, I will rely on my previous leadership and service experience to best facilitate the job tasks. I worked alongside the current National Student Representative to plan and facilitate the 2020 Knowledge Bowl competition in Boise, Idaho. Within our department, I’ve acted as the Student Evaluation Committee chair for the last two years, being the leading student voice in evaluation of faculty members teaching skills.Additionally, my experience volunteering as a youth outreach speaker and recruiter for the School of Integrative Physiology emphasizes my advocacy for exercise science in academia and research. My experience as a recreation program coordinator for Missoula Parks and Recreation highlights my skills in coordination, organization, and time management in stressful situations that will be critical to successfully facilitate the duties of the National Student Representative. I look forward to the opportunity to represent the Northwest chapter of ACSM and serve this community as it has served me. I sincerely thank the committee for their time and consideration.



National Student Rep.

Ariel Aguiar Bonfim Cruz


I am writing to express my interest in the national student representative position within the ACSM Northwest chapter. I graduated with my B.S. in Kinesiology from Washington State University (WSU) in May 2018. From August 2018 – May 2020, I was hired as an adjunct instructor at WSU to teach a fitness concepts undergraduate course, focused on ACSM fitness testing, standards, and physical activity guidelines. In August of 2020, I began perusing my master’s degree in Kinesiology at WSU and received a graduate teaching assistantship. For six years, I have worked as a research assistant at WSU within the Exercise Physiology & Performance Laboratory (EPPL) directed by Dr. Chris Connolly. Because of my involvement in this research laboratory, I have now attended six regional ACSM Northwest conferences and two international ACSM conferences. I have had the opportunity to present at two of these conferences and have been a co-author on two additional conference presentations. I am passionate about ACSM’s student-focused mission and know of the opportunities that this organization can provide for aspiring scholars, clinicians, and fitness professionals. My goal is to represent and defend student priorities and needs effectively and boldly to the greater ACSM organization.

Describe your interest in the position and any previous experience. (400 word limit)

My devotion to this organization can best be shown by “paying it forward” through service, particularly within the Northwest Chapter. I have a particular passion for the students within our chapter. As one who has benefited from ACSM student initiatives and opportunities, I feel I am able to provide guidance to other students, while advocating for additional resources to meet student needs. As a national student representative, I would focus my initial efforts within our Northwest chapter by helping create engaging conferences and fostering essential relationships between professionals and students. My experiences as a professional instructor and current student will help guide my decisions as a student representative. Last year, I had the opportunity to mentor two undergraduate students in submitting their abstracts to the ACSM Northwest conference. This experience was truly rewarding, and further cemented my desire to represent the students of ACSM Northwest. As a student representative, I would like to make student presence and student presentations at the international ACSM meetings a priority. I would like to see undergraduate and graduate students alike representing our chapter at the international ACSM meeting. At WSU, our department hosts an undergraduate research conference where students have the opportunity to present their own work. In fall of 2020, I was asked to be a judge for this conference. As a judge, I was asked to examine undergraduate poster presentations based off their research, their ideas and overall delivery. I believe this experience will help me succeed as a student representative and coordinating abstract submissions. My experience within the EPPL at WSU has provided me with considerable experience in regard to athletic testing and research methods; I have now served on the lab leadership team for three years. This has provided me with leadership experience, problem resolution skills, and helped develop my team initiative ability. Examples of my past work within this leadership role include, coordination of research initiatives, mentoring undergraduate students, reviewing applications for potential future lab assistants, and spearheading with facility operations. In conclusion, I believe my interest in ACSM student involvement as well as my developed skills as a research assistant and instructor make me a strong candidate for this position. I am confident that the experience and training received has prepared me to be successful as a national student representative. I appreciate the efforts of the ACSM Northwest Executive Board and look forward to future service opportunities.