Executive Director

ACSM Northwest Executive Director Applications

The ACSM Northwest is introducing an Executive Director position to the organizational structure of the Chapter with an update to the Constitution and Bylaws. These changes were unanimously approved by membership who was present at the Business Meeting of our 2021 Annual Meeting.

ACSM Northwest is seeking interested parties to apply for the position of Executive Director of the chapter.  The position as described in the bylaws is provided below. In addition the following qualifications are expected:

- Member of national and Northwest regional ACSM
- Knowledge of the workings of national and regional chapters of ACSM
- Available for executive board meetings and calls. The chapter annual meeting is typically late February or early March, an additional fall meeting in September or October, and 1-3 other conference calls
- Willingness to learn IMIS membership database
- Ability to communicate with the chapter membership
- May require overseeing of storage of chapter meeting materials
- Annual stipend to range from $2000-3000 as determined by the NW Executive Board. 

If interested, please fill out the form below with the requested application materials by April 30th, 2021. Please direct any questions to our current President, John Schuna at president20@acsmnorthwest.org.

Position description per ACSM Northwest Bylaws:
ARTICLE II- Executive Director. The Executive Director shall be responsible for all papers, correspondence, minutes, and electronic files. The Executive Director shall also oversee the membership database, the annual meeting registration system, the Chapter website and social media, as well as the maintenance of all electronic documentation. The Executive Director shall issue all notices of meetings and notifications of election to membership. The Executive Director will assist the President in the preparation of the agendas for meetings, and in ensuring that the Chapter operates in accordance with procedures provided by the ACSM National Office. The Executive Director will serve as the primary contact person for individuals and groups that want to communicate with the Chapter. The Executive Director is a non-voting member of the executive board and provides oversight for the standing committees of the board. It is a hired position with an annual stipend determined by the executive board and agreed upon with a contract. Evaluation of the Executive Director is conducted by the executive board on a yearly basis.