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Clinical Track Meeting Program at the 2019 SEACSM Annual Meeting: SEACSM CLINICAL TRACK_2019

We invite sports medicine fellowship directors, faculty members, fellows, sports medicine physicians in private practice, physical therapists and athletic trainers to join us in Greenville, SC on February 15-16, 2019. 

The Clinical Crossover Speaker will be Dr. Bob Sallis. Additional information on the clinical program for the 2019 SEACSM will be available later this year. 

Members of the SEACSM Clinical track Planning Committee are-

  • Matthew Close, DO (Clinical Representative)
  • Brent Messick, MD (Program Chair)
  • Ryan Draper, DO (Vice Chair)
  • David Liddle, MD
  • Amadeus Mason, MD
  • Kim Kaiser, MD

Attention Current Residents and Fellows - We Want Your Cases!

We devote a significant portion of the program to interesting clinical cases. We ask that sports medicine fellowship directors encourage your fellows to submit a case for presentation at part of the 2019 SEACSM Clinical Track. Please submit your clinical cases (Microsoft Word document as e-mail attachment) directly to Dr. Ryan DraperThe submission deadline is Tuesday, December 10, 2018 at 5pm ET. 

Required format for case abstract submission is as follows (500 word limit, not including title):
- Title of Case
- History (to include history of present illness, past medical history, medications, allergies, etc.)
- Physical Examination
- Differential Diagnosis List
- Data (to include diagnostic tests performed and results, laboratory studies performed and results, etc)
- Final Working Diagnosis, Treatment and Outcome
Be sure that all submissions include contact information and email address. 

Get Involved

Dr. Matthew Close is your Clinical Representative on the SEACSM Executive Board. He is very interested to hear what YOU would like to see on this clinical page. If you have ideas or would like to get involved in the SEACSM clinical leadership, please contact Dr. Close

We are always seeking members to join the Clinical Track Program Planning Committee. If you are interested in assisting with planning for the 2019 Clinical Track or future meetings, please contact Dr. Close or Dr. Messick

Previous SEACSM Clinical Award Winners

  • 2019 - William Manning, MD (GHS in Greenville, SC)
  • 2018 - Elizabeth Barton, MD (GHS in Greenville, SC)
  • 2017 - Josh Hellums, MD (Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN)
  • 2016 - Ben Oshlag, MD (Duke University in Durham, NC)
  • 2015 - Sally Hinman, MD (The University of Florida in Gainsville, FL)
  • 2014 - No winner as meeting was cancelled due to weather
  • 2013 - Daniel Herman, MD, PhD (The University of Florida in Gainsville, FL)
  • 2012 - Doug Connor, MD (Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN)
  • 2011 - Catherine Rainbow, MD (Moses Cone Sports medicine Fellow in Greensboro, NC)
  • 2010 - Kristina Wilson, MD (Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN)
  • 2009 - John Hulvey, MD (St Vincent's East / American Sports Medicine Institute Program in Birmingham, AL)
  • 2008 - Jeffrey Roberts, MD (Duke University in Durham, NC)
  • 2007 - Jason Blackham, MD (East Carolina University in Greenville, NC)
  • 2006 - Stefanie Shaver, MD (Southwest Georgia Sports Medicine Fellowship Program)

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