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SWACSM General Abstract Submissions &
SWACSM Expanded Abstracts for Student Research Award Competition

Due September 20, 2019, 5:00pm, PDT  
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Abstraction Submission Instructions



SWACSM 2019 Abstract Submission Instructions

(more details can be found on the SWACSM website)

SWACSM Annual Meeting and Conference - Orange County - October 25-26, 2019 

All members and those joining the Southwest Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine (SWACSM) are invited to submit abstracts for presentation. General poster presentations are scheduled for Friday evening (10/25) and Saturday late morning (10/26).

Electronic submissions are required, follow abstract submission link.

Please follow the general instructions below which will assist you in submitting your abstract electronically in addition to the student research award specific instructions. 

Abstract Submission Link: Link coming soon!

General Poster Presentation and Student Award Competition Extended Abstracts Due: September 20, 2019 at 5pm PDT.

General Instructions 

  • Each individual is permitted to be first author on only one abstract, but may co-author several abstracts. 
  • The first author is considered a presenter and must present the abstract at the annual meeting. (Schedule details provided on the SWACSM website
  • At least one of the authors must be a member of the SWACSM. 
  • If one of the authors is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), the letters FACSM should follow his/her name. 
  • Expanded abstracts undergo a blind review by three experts in the field, more details below. 
  • All abstracts (maximum 2000 characters without spaces) will be published in the program as submitted. Since published abstracts will be photo-reduced, it is crucial that all figures and tables be neatly organized and all type be of the same font. Minimum acceptable type size will be 11 cpi and no larger than 12 cpi. Arial type font is preferred. 
  • Abstracts should not have been published previously in any other printed or electronic format. 
  • Inclusion of subheadings within the abstract are at the discretion of the author. 
  • Per ACSM policy, ALL presenters are required to register and pay the registration fee for the conference. Failure to register, including paying the fee, may result in a penalty preventing you from presenting at future meetings.
  • Presenting at SWACSM does not preclude submitting the same abstract for presentation at an ACSM national meeting. 
  • Keep a copy of the abstract for your records. 


Student Research Award Specific Instructions 
1) If you are submitting your expanded abstract for the Student Research Award competition, you must indicate this in this electronic submission form AND you must submit an expanded abstract. The expanded abstract is limited to 5 pages (not counting references) and must be double spaced. The expanded abstract should provide the study's background, purpose, design/methods, results (including tables and figures), discussion and conclusions.

2) For the Student Award competition, be sure to include the name of your advisor/mentor and his/her email address. An email message may be sent to your advisor/mentor verifying your student status and to confirm the expanded abstract is appropriate for presentation at the SWACSM Annual Meeting and Conference.

3) All work reported in the expanded abstract must have been conducted while you were a registered student at an institution in the Southwest Region and the abstract may have multiple authors/investigators although only one individual is to present. Abstracts should not have been published previously in any other printed or electronic format. 

4) Following review by competition judges, one individual associated with the undergraduate or graduate expanded abstract selected for the competition will be asked to present (individual presenter only for the competition) in either the undergraduate (10:45am to 12:15pm) or graduate (1:45pm to 3:15pm) competition presentation sessions on Friday, 10/25/2019. 

5) All expanded abstracts NOT selected for the competition will be presented in one of the General SWACSM conference poster presentation sessions on Friday evening or Saturday late morning. 

Following submission of an abstract, an electronic email confirmation will be sent to the applicant and if included, a faculty mentor/advisor. Email notification of acceptance and a presentation timeslot should will be sent following submission.

All questions regarding the abstract submission or the student research award competition should be directed to: 

Sarah L. Dunn, Ph.D. SWACSM Member-at-Large Abstracts 

Department of Kinesiology and Director of Research and Sponsored Programs University of La Verne 

Office: 909-448-4788 or Email: sdunn@laverne.edu 

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