New Positions Available at the University of Kansas Medical Center

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2022 TACSM Annual Meeting: Feb 24-25th in Waco, TX.

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New Positions Available at the University of Kansas Medical Center

Oct 13, 2021
There are several new positions available at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. Please find these positions on the Central States Website.

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Welcome to the Texas ACSM website!

Greetings TACSM student and professional members. I hope that everybody managed to make it through this unique and challenging year and that you and your loved ones remained safe and healthy. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we will not be hosting our annual TACSM meeting in 2021 in person; we will hold this meeting in a virtual format on Thursday and Friday February 25th and 26th. Our Executive Director, Lem Taylor, and the remainder of the executive leadership team has been working closely with National ACSM and the leadership from other regional chapters and have come up with a solution that will enable us to deliver state of the art research and clinical content to our membership while also providing an enriching and inspirational experience for our students to remain, or become, engaged and passionate about the overarching field of Kinesiology and exercise-science.    

For the meeting this year we will be using a virtual platform called Forager One which will allow us to provide all of our synchronous and asynchronous meeting content available online both prior to (asynchronous content) and following (synchronous and asynchronous content) the meeting. Please pay special notice to email announcements and the TACSM website ( which will provide more detailed information regarding how to optimally navigate this platform for all of your meeting needs.

Please refer to the website ( for more detail on the full meeting agenda. That being said, we are proud to announce that we have assembled an exciting group of speakers who cover a wide range of research and clinical topics. Briefly, we are pleased to announce our Major Awards / Keynote Speakers: The TACSM Honor Award recipient is Blake Rasmussen, Professor & Chair of the Department of Nutrition & Metabolism at the University of Texas Medical Branch. The TACSM Service Award recipient this year is Dr. Susan Bloomfield; Research Professor, Texas A&M University. The Raven Lecture will be delivered by Dr. Nisha Charkoudian, Research Physiologist, Thermal and Mountain Division, United States Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Natick, MA. And as has been a primary focus of TACSM since its inception, we will continue to offer student speaking opportunities and awards for various content including; the Student Research Development Awards, Manuscript Awards, and the President’s Cup.

We are proud to announce two new positions that have been added to the TACSM Executive Board. The first is an Associate Executive Director Role which was filled by Dr. Ariane Hollub Secrect, Assistant Professor, University of Mary Harden-Baylor. She will play a pivotal role in assisting the Executive Director in the ever-growing list of responsibilities that fall under this role. The second position is a Director of Social Media which was filled by Drew Gonzalez, PhD Student at Texas A&M University. The primary responsibility of this role is to promote the different activities and accomplishments of TACSM throughout the course of the year using various Social Media platforms.

Last but certainly not least, we are fortunate to have obtained many different University and Industry sponsors for this upcoming meeting. While the format will not provide face to face contact with these sponsors, they will still have a virtual presence. We encourage all membership to take advantage of these opportunities to reach out to these sponsors as much as possible.

Please check the both the TACSM website ( for chapter updates and the national ACSM website ( for important developments and information regarding research during the COVID-19 crisis.

I look forward to “seeing” all of you for our Annual Meeting on Feb 25th and 26th, 2020.

R. Matthew Brothers, PhD
TACSM Past-President
University of Texas at Arlington
Texas ACSM President 2020-Present


Two Easy Ways to Join or Renew Your TACSM Dues-
1) Join when you join/renew your ACSM dues.  Simply select Texas as your regional chapter and pay the applicable fee.  
2) Join/renew online today.

New Students-
 $15 USD per year. If you join TACSM in conjunction with attending an Annual Meeting, then you can receive a $15 discount on your 1st year attendee registration.
Returning Students- $15 USD
Professional Members- $35 USD

As a member of TACSM you will have access to the following professional opportunities:

1) Twice-yearly lecture tours by well-known exercise science and sports medicine professionals. A speaker from outside Texas gives a lecture each fall, and one of our own accomplished scholars tours the state in the spring.

2) The TACSM Annual Scientific Meeting held in late February/early March during which:

    • Students have the opportunity to present their research in poster format (70-80 are presented each year).
    • Awards are given for the top three posters in the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral categories.
    • Students can compete for the manuscript award. The top three or four awardees will present their work as a slide presentation.
    • Nationally recognized exercise science/sports medicine authorities present timely and scholarly information.
    • You will have the chance to meet fellow students from across the state, and also make important professional contacts with the leading exercise scientists and clinical professionals in Texas.
    • The Raven Lecture is given by a recognized leader in our field as the keynote address of the Annual Meeting.
    • Students have the opportunity to compete for funding to support their research through the Student Development Research Award.

Membership Data


Male - 50%
Female - 50%

Area of Interest
Basic and Applied Sciences - 26% 
Alliance Health Fitness - 40%
Medicine - 13%
Education & Allied Health - 16%
Other- 5%
Students- 60%
Professional:  Exercise Physiologist- 8%
Professional:  Other Basic/Applied Sciences- 5%
Allied Health & Fitness professionals- 5%
All Other Areas- 22%

Region of the State
DFW/North Texas - 34%
Houston/East Texas - 23%
Central Texas - 24%
San Antonio/South Texas - 10%
Panhandle/West Texas - 7% 
Out of State - 2%

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Eric Jones, Ph.D.


Lem Taylor, Ph.D.

Executive Director