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Texas Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine



The needs of students are an important factor in the overall future success of the chapter. To help meet student needs, the Student Corner provides resources such as a list of undergraduate and graduate programs in the state, opportunities for becoming involved, and information to assist students with travel and lodging for attending annual meetings and lecture tours.
If you need additional information on the material posted in this section, or if you have questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to e-mail Brandon Fico, your TACSM Student Representative. 

Exercise Science Programs in Texas- 
Looking to pursue undergraduate or graduate studies in the general field of exercise science (kinesiology, sport science, sports medicine, etc.)?  View the listing of department contacts for colleges/universities in Texas that offer such programs.

Student Research Presentation and Grant Opportunities
Membership must be active at the time of submission

2021 TACSM Undergraduate Majors of the Year  (Submission Deadline: February 12, 2021)

TACSM will recognize an outstanding undergraduate student in exercise science from each undergraduate degree granting institution in Texas for the 2020-21 academic year.  These students will be named the 2021 TACSM Major of the Year from their respective institutions and will be recognized at the 2021 TACSM Annual Meeting in Austin. TACSM is asking each college/university to select a student as its TACSM Major of the Year and forward their name to the TACSM Associate Executive Director.  View complete program details

2021 TACSM Manuscript Award  (Submission Deadline: January 29, 2021)
Students are invited to submit manuscripts of their original research to be to be judged at the 2021 TACSM Annual Meeting. Winners will be recognized at the conclusion of the meeting. Please submit the manuscript to the TACSM Executive Director.  View complete program details.

2021 TACSM Student Research Development Grant Award  (Submission Deadline: January 29, 2021)
Students are invited to submit proposals for funding support.  Please submit the SRDAs to the TACSM Executive Director. Download the application here.

    See here for the presentation description and its judging rubric

2021 TACSM Undergraduate Scholar Award  (Submission Deadline: February 12, 2021)
TACSM will recognize one deserving undergraduate student in exercise science. The award is intended to provide funds for a student to be used in the pursuit of his/her academic goals. Please submit nominations to the TACSM Associate Executive DirectorView complete program details.

2021 TACSM Student Abstracts (Submission Deadline: Judged- January 29, 2021, Non-Judged- February 12, 2021)