TACSM Student Video Contest

TACSM Video Contest

Viewer’s Choice voting is open for the 2019 TACSM Student Video Contest

Videos will be judged by professors and students from the schools/institutions not participating in the contests. 

The Viewer’s Choice award is based on the greatest number of hits on YouTube to help spread the video contest throughout social media. Please watch each video below and to vote for your favorite one, simply watch it on the YouTube website (click on the link below the video). The video with the greatest number of views will determine the Viewer’s Choice award.

The applicant will be disqualified automatically if there is any evidence that the views have been affected by use of automatic video hits, spiders, bots, or any other technology.

Winners will be announced at the 2019 Texas ACSM annual meeting and presented with the cash prizes and plaques.  The videos should be evaluated based on the following five criteria:

  1. Usefulness of the message for the public
  2. Creativity, originality, and uniqueness
  3. Accuracy of scientific content
  4. Overall artistic value
  5. Adherence to contest requirements