2021 ACSM President's Cup

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2021 President's Cup

The ACSM President’s Cup competition provides an opportunity for students to showcase their work with the hopes of stimulating positive critiques of their projects, fostering potential collaborations and increasing student involvement in ACSM. Normally held during the ACSM Annual Meeting, we’re excited to continue the tradition through a virtual competition this year. Student competitors were selected based on the quality of their presentations at recent ACSM Regional Chapter meetings. 

2021 Winner


Karleigh E. Bradbury
University of Oregon
Northwest Regional Chapter

Watch all presentations in the videos below.

2nd Place

William Conkright
University of Pittsburgh
Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter


3rd Place

Colleen O'Reilly
Texas A&M University
Texas Regional Chapter


Central States | Quincy R. Johnson 

Relationships Between Relative Strength and Specific Performance Indicators Among NCAA Division III Men’s Lacrosse Athletes

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Patraw (2)

Greater New York | Arriana Patraw

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Can Optimism Reduce Anxiety? A Five-Wave Study of People with Chronic Illness

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Mid-Atlantic | William Conkright

Extracellular Vesicle Concentration but Not Size Differs Between Men and Women During Military Operational Stress

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New England | Ashley M. Goodwin

Attenuated Response of Muscle Deoxygenation at Higher Workloads, Determined by Near-infrared Spectroscopy

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Northland | Brooke E. Wagner

Recreational Screen Time Behaviors During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Mixed-Methods Study among Emerging Adults

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Northwest | Karleigh E. Bradbury 

Influence of a Patent Foramen Ovale on Heart Rate-Core Temperature Relationship at Rest and During Exercise in Young, Healthy Men

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Rocky Mountain | Victoria Bandera

Movement for Mobility: Associations Between Activity, Balance and Gait in People with Multiple Sclerosis

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Southeast | Emily Grammer

Effects of Weight Loss and Aerobic Exercise Training on Lipoprotein-Insulin Resistance (LPIR) Score

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Poudel (2)

Southwest | Alisha Poudel

Ground Reaction Forces Generated by a Lower Body Negative Pressure Exercise Device for Space Flight

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Texas | Colleen L. O’Reilly

Acylated and Unacylated Ghrelin Impact on Protein Synthesis and Signaling Pathways of L6 Myotubes

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