Annual Reports

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Required Year End Regional Chapter Reporting

Tax Information Needed for ACSM to Generate 1099 Forms 
(Due January 10, 2021)

To comply with Federal Tax Law, we need information in 4 categories.  ACSM will file the appropriate forms on your behalf, but we need the following information in order to do so:

1)  Anyone receiving $600 or more from the chapter for Executive Director stipends/salaries, monies paid to students for work-study programs, honoraria to presenters, award prizes, etc.  This does not include money to reimburse a meeting presenter for things such as travel costs.  Please provide the person’s Social Security number, home telephone, home address, email address, amount paid and reason for payment.  NOTE-  The chapter should also have a W9 on file for anyone that the chapter pays for services rendered. This is the same policy as in past years.  You don't have to turn these in to ACSM, just keep them in your chapter files in case the chapter is audited.  You can download a W9 form at

2) Any law firm or individual receiving $600 or more from the chapter for legal fees. Please provide the company's Federal Tax ID or the individual's Social Security number. We will also need the contact name, mailing address, phone number and email address.   

3) Any office rental information.  Provide amount of rent paid, name of landlord and address of landlord.  

4) Any individual or corporate donors who contributed to the chapter or provided sponsorship money to the chapter (excludes dues & meeting registration fees).  Please provide the name, address and exact amount contributed.  

Information should be sent to Heather Turner. Secure information (such as Social Security numbers) may be provided by phone at 317-637-9200 x138.

2020 Year-End Annual Chapter Reports 
(Due February 1, 2021)

Electronic copies of the following annual report forms must be submitted-

Financial Report

The Financial Report has been completely revised for this year to comply with ACSM’s updated IRS reporting requirements. Each chapter will be provided with a customized financial report to complete via email. Contact Heather Turner if your chapter did not receive a customized financial report to complete by December 31, 2020. Please read the instructions on the spreadsheet in full before completing the report. As in past years, you will still need to submit copies of your end-of-year bank statements from all checking, savings, CD, and investments accounts as well.

Activity Report

The Activity Report is very similar to past years, and detailed instructions have been included for your use on the report. The 2020 Activity Report form will be emailed to chapter leaders in late December 2020.

Risk Management Form

The Risk Management Form contains the same information as last year's form. Please review and update the information as needed. This year’s version again contains the “Whistleblower Policy” adopted by ACSM and the related Appendix that outlines the policy.  If you update a Risk Management form from previous years, please make sure that this “Whistleblower Policy” and related “Appendix” are added to your document.  As in past year, please make sure the form is updated with your chapter’s unique information.  Original signatures from all officers are not needed.  Officers may simply send an email to me stating that they reviewed the document and approve it.  The 2020 Risk Management form will be  emailed to chapter leaders in late December 2020.

IRS 990 Form Questionnaire

The IRS 990 Form Questionnaire is similar to the form you completed last year.  It has just been updated to reflect current tax reporting needs. The 2019 IRS 990 Form Questonnaire form will be emailed to chapter leaders in late December 2020.

Please complete all reports and return them to ACSM (with copies of the requested supporting bank and investment statements) by February 1, 2021.  Reports may be sent via e-mail ( or faxed to 317-634-7817.