CECs and CMEs for Regional Chapter Meetings

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CECs & CMEs for Regional Chapter Meetings

Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

All ACSM Regional Chapters are approved providers to offer ACSM Continuing Education Credits (CECs) at any educational meeting that the regional chapter convenes or sponsors. Regional chapters do NOT need to submit applications to provide CECs due to their approved provider status. 

Regional chapters determine the total number of CECs available for each meeting. 1.0 CEC should be provided for each hour of unopposed, educational content. CECs can be counted in 0.5 intervals. Any educational content (including, but not limited to speakers, panel discussions, free communication sessions, etc) may be counted for CECs. Social events during your meeting should not be counted for CECs. 

Regional chapter meeting organizers should complete the CEC certificate (below) with specific meeting information and distribute the certificate to all meeting attendees.
Alaska CEC Certificate
Central States CEC Certificate
Greater New York CEC Certificate
Mid-Atlantic CEC Certificate
Midwest CEC Certificate
New England CEC Certificate
Northland CEC Certificate
Northwest CEC Certificate
Rocky Mountain CEC Certificate
Southeast CEC Certificate
Southwest CEC Certificate
Texas CEC Certificate

Continuing Medical Education Credits (CMEs)

At this time, ACSM is not able to offer joint sponsorship of CME credits for regional chapter meetings. Many hospitals have CME departments and offer joint sponsorship to nonprofit organizations. There may or may not be a fee involved with joint sponsorship. Contact Heather Turner for assistance with identifying a CME joint sponsorship provider in your region.