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Regional Chapter Content on ACSM's ceOnline

ACSM is pleased to offer an opportunity to the regional chapters to share your meeting content while earning revenue. ACSM’s ceOnline is our online educational portal through which individuals can access educational content and continuing education credits (CECs) needed for certifications.

ACSM invites regional chapters to place educational content from your meetings on ACSM’s ceOnline. Regional chapters that place content on the ACSM ceOnline site will receive 30% of ACSM’s net revenues for the content provided (Revenue is calculated after 3rd party portal fees are paid). Royalty payments would be provided to the regional chapters on a semi-annual basis.  

Download the content submission application with full details and instructions.

Some important items to note are:

  • All content and applications are subject to review and approval by the ACSM Professional Education Committee. Your regional chapter will be notified of your application’s status within 2 weeks of review.

  • Your regional chapter must submit a separate application for each course to be placed on the site.

  • Applications must  be completed in full to be considered. In addition to completing the written application, you must also provide the supporting items including photos, self-test questions, presentation PowerPoint, speaker release form, and final edited video footage of the presentation (in MP4 or .wav format)

  • Each regional chapter may have up to 5 courses on the ceOnline site at any given time. Courses stay online for 3 years once they are approved.  The chapter will receive royalties for the duration courses are on the educational platform.

  • This is an ongoing program. If your chapter is not able to record content for meetings this year, the program will be in place for subsequent years.

This program benefits both ACSM and the regional chpaters. ACSM will increase the educational content on our ceOnline site.  Regional chapters will be able to expand the reach of their educational content and earn additional income.