Contract Review

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Contract Review

Hotel / Convention Center Contracts

Regional chapters should have formal contracts with all hotels, convention centers, and meeting vendors associated with any regional chapter meeting. ACSM staff may be consulted to review contracts to ensure that the regional chapter receives the best rates and limits liability. Meeting contracts should be forwarded to Heather Turner 4-6 weeks prior to the signing deadline. 

Partnership Agreements / Contracts

When the chapter enters into partnerships with any organization, a written agreement should be secured.  The regional chapter board should validate all partnership agreements and major contracts by giving formal approval. Agreements should include: overall intent of the partnership, the parties involved, the period of the partnership (begin & end dates), assignments and responsibilities (individual and shared), disclaimers (what the partnership isn’t intended to do, guarantee or create), detailed financial agreement (amounts and when payment is due), risk sharing (who’s responsible for any mishaps), and signatures of each party’s representative.  

Agreements may be forwarded to ACSM staff for initial review.  If deemed necessary, ACSM staff may make recommendations in regard to further legal review.