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Gatorade Sports Science Institute (GSSI) Regional Chapter Support

GSSI Funding for Regional Chapters- 
Through the Foundation, ACSM partners with GSSI. Yearly, each chapter is provided with a $1000 grant to support its chapter annual meeting. This funding is direct deposited into each regional chapter's bank account on a yearly basis. Funding is available through 2020. Funding in 2021 and beyond is pending. 

In exchange for the grant and/or speaker support, the regional chapters must acknowledge GSSI on meeting publications, on-site signage, and on-site program books/handouts. The GSSI Logo for regional chapter use may be downloaded here.

GSSI Speakers for Regional Chapter Meetings-

GSSI provides one Gatorade Speaker per regional chapter per year. Gatorade pays for all travel and honoraria related to their speakers. As of October 2020, the following speakers/topics may be requested for chapter meetings:

- Topic: "Food-Based Options to Supplement For Exercise Performance"
  Ryan Nuccio, MS, RD, CSSD, LDN

- Topic: "Update on Sports Supplements"
  Lisa Heaton, MS, RD, CSSD  -or-  Kevin Luhrs, MS, RD, CSCS  (Pending schedule availability) 

- Topic: "Fat Metabolism During Exercise" 
  Rebecca Randell, PhD  (Virtual presentations only)

Access the GSSI Speaker Bureau Application