Non-ACSM Speakers

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Non-ACSM Speakers

Periodically, ACSM is made aware of potential speakers from organizations which may be of interest to ACSM Regional Chapter meeting attendees.  Below are organizations / individuals who are willing to speak at regional chapter meetings. The ACSM National office does not formally endorse any of the speakers. Their information is provided so that regional chapter leaders may connect if interested. 

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Registry Board Members

The Cardiorespiratory Fitness Registry Board is working to establish a national registry for cardiorespiratory fitness and will expand to be more inclusive of many measures from cardiopulmonary exercise tests. The group recently published its first report to provide reference standards for cardiorespiratory fitness for the US adult population. Several members of the Cardiorespiratory Fitness Registry Board are ACSM members and leaders. If your chapter is looking for keynote/major session presenters for an upcoming meeting, members of the board would be available to present on this topic.  Please note that there is not any funding available from ACSM to support travel of these speakers. ACSM is simply making the Regional Chapters aware that these speakers have expressed an interest in presenting at upcoming meetings. For more information, contact Dr. Lenny Kaminsky

David Geslak, BS, ACSM EP-C, CSCS

Presenter email:
Presentation Title
: "Challenging Autism with Exercise"
Presentation Length: 90-120 minutes
Presentation Abstract:  Exercise is one of the most underutilized and cost-effective treatments for individuals with autism. In addition to the health-related benefits, research shows that exercise can increase attention span, reduce stress, enhance language development and reduce stereotypical behaviors for individuals with autism. While many in the fitness community do not know the research, others want to help but are intimidated of how to begin. David Geslak, who has trained professionals around the world – and created the ACSM/Exercise Connection Autism Exercise Specialist Certificate -, will teach participants visual strategies, exercises and structured routines so they can make a difference for this unfortunately growing community.  View complete session details/objectives and presenter bio.