Tax Exemption For Regional Chapters

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Tax Exemption for Regional Chapters

ACSM Regional Chapters' affiliation with ACSM means that they are “tax exempt” from federal income taxes. The affiliation/federal tax-exemption has no bearing on state sales tax-exemption. Every state has its own policies/procedures for allowing organizations to be exempt from state sales tax, and organizations must apply for that sales tax-exemption through the state government. 

Depending on the state, regional chapters may qualify for exemption from state sales tax as not-for-profit entities. State governments require that the organizations signing the checks/contracts be the ones to apply for the sales tax-exemption.  Regional chapters must apply directly for state sales tax exemption in the state(s) in which you do business.  In most states, sales tax exemption applications are processed through the Department of Revenue. Contact Heather Turner if you have questions about sales tax exemption or would like help with determining eligibility in your state.