ActivEarth (Active Transportation)

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ActivEarth (Active Transportation)


ActivEarth works to improve public health, the environment and the economy through greater levels of physical activity and active transportation like walking, bicycling, or wheelchair rolling.

We find ourselves at a crossroad when it comes to physical inactivity and its negative effects on health, the environment and the economy. ActivEarth recognizes the ramifications of the status quo and is driving change by addressing the challenges people and their communities face to active transportation.

ACSM and ActivEarth are partnering with ecoAmerica and Climate for Health to raise awareness of the health impacts of climate change on sports medicine and exercise science and build leadership for active transportation as a climate and health solution.


Climate change infographic for active transportation

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Ready to get involved?

Learn more on the connection between climate change and health in this four-part webinar series addressing allergies and asthma, children's health, community design and transportation, and mental health.

Choose active transportation by walking, bicycling, or wheelchair rolling on your next trip. ACSM’s “Getting Started With Cycling” info sheet can help you select a bike, helmet, and clothing that will lead to a more enjoyable and successful trip.

Explore the science behind active transportation in ACSM’s flagship journal, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

Read Climate for Health’s Let's Talk Health and Climate: Communication Guidance for Health Professionals and webinar.

Take action locally using resources to help you make a difference as a part of ActivEarth. 

ActivEarth’s Strategic Imperatives

Designed to address growing global concerns, ActivEarth will achieve its vision through four strategic imperatives:

1: Unite multidisciplinary thought and action leaders ActivEarth ACSM

ActivEarth brings together the best minds, bridging the areas of active transportation, environmental stewardship and economic viability to achieve a healthier world for all.

2: Leverage science and research to fuel change

ActivEarth’s multidisciplinary research agenda provides leadership to the cause of public and global health and sustainable human development.

3: Educate and mobilize stakeholders

ActivEarth educates government, business and civil society on the role of active transportation and its co-benefits for economic development, environmental improvement and future sustainability.

Beyond education, ActivEarth also mobilizes healthcare providers, public health professionals, organizations, colleges and universities to lead change within their spheres of influence.

4: Collaborate and advocate

As a leader in cross-sector collaborations, ActivEarth partners to advocate for effective and innovative public policies and programs that support active transportation as a means to improve public and global health, the environment and the economy.