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ELEVATE, ACSM's multi-year capital campaign, supports critical initiatives that will enable the college to better serve its current and future members, grow and inspire the fields of sports medicine and exercise science, and improve health and health outcomes in the U.S. and globally.

A Message from the Chair

At the 2018 ACSM Annual Meeting, I announced that ACSM is undertaking an unprecedented capital campaign: ELEVATE The Future of Sports Medicine and Exercise Science. 

This is an  extraordinary endeavor to ELEVATE the future of our organization, the fields and the people we serve. I am honored to chair the ELEVATE campaign, and I look forward to collaborating with you as we pursue meaningful progress and exceptional value in the four priority areas of the campaign. If you would like to participate on a campaign committee or in another role, or if you have any suggestions to share, please contact us by email.

Based on extensive member surveys and input, this ELEVATE capital campaign will have impact in four key areas:

  • ELEVATE Science and Discovery

  • ELEVATE Individual and Population Health

  • ELEVATE Global Center Impact

  • ELEVATE Innovation and Technology

Walt Thompson
Walt Thompson, Ph.D, FACSM, Chair
ELEVATE Capital Campaign

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Together We ELEVATE

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Meet the Campaign Cabinet

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