World Athletics Research Grant

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World Athletics Research Grant

Submissions accepted as of October 15, 2020

Application Deadline:  January 22, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EST


Amount: $5,000.0 USD

This grant is funded by the World Athletics federation. It is one of the most influential sport governing bodies, having great involvement in the Olympics and the creation of its own global events, such as the World Athletics Championship within its +100 year history. Intent of this award is to encourage human research in the area of physical activity, training and human performance relative to athletic events. A $5,000 grant is available to doctoral students’ proposals that are applicable to the primary focus of this grant, which is research relevant to the field of exercise physiology and prevention that focus on female athletes participating in running, walking, jumping and throwing events. Studies conducted on the field that can be applicable in heterogeneous socio-economical context are particularly encouraged. The translational value of the research should be clearly stated, thus ensuring the practical application in a global athletics’ context.

Doctoral students enrolled in-time programs are eligible to apply. Applicants for student research grants must have graduate student status during the term of the grant to be considered for funding.

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World Athletics

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Philanthropy Matters: Advancing Scientific Knowledge in Athletics

World Athletics

Last year ACSM formalized a partnership with one of the most influential sport governing bodies in the world, World Athletics. Paolo Adami, M.D., played a key role in the new collaboration. Dr. Adami serves as the medical manager at World Athletics. He is also an ACSM member. 

Among his responsibilities at World Athletics, Dr. Adami seeks to advance knowledge and foster scientific research in athletics. His belief in the need for continuous and open discussion between sports governing bodies and sports medicine scientists prompted him to explore the partnership. 

“I have been an active member of ACSM for more than 10 years and received the 2016 Oded Bar-Or International Scholar Award,” said Dr. Adami. “After joining World Athletics, it felt natural to promote research in athletics and to support other researchers interested in advancing the current knowledge available.” 

World Athletics is the international governing body for the sport of athletics, covering track and field, cross-country running, road running, racewalking, mountain running and ultrarunning. Included in its charge are standardizing rules and regulations for sports, recognizing and managing world records and organizing and sanctioning athletics competitions like the World Athletics Championships. 

World Athletics and ACSM both aim to advance scientific knowledge existing in sports. They are now working together to fulfill that mission through the World Athletics Research Grant. The $5,000 grant encourages human research in physical activity, training and human performance. It is given annually to an eligible doctoral student. Amadeo Salvador from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign received the inaugural grant for his research proposal entitled Identifying the ideal carbohydrate intake dose for wheelchair marathoners. 

“We congratulate Amadeo on this honor and look forward to seeing how his research will enhance our understanding of fueling strategies for para-athletes,” said Dr. Adami. “We hope this grant will encourage more researchers like Amadeo to produce quality scientific knowledge in athletics for the coming years.”

The grant also provides a prime example of the cooperation that should naturally exist between those generating scientific knowledge and those directly involved in managing sports competition and athletes. 

“By partnering with ACSM, World Athletics has the opportunity to support the largest network of sports medicine researchers,” said Dr. Adami. “At the same time, this should encourage more scientists interested in athletics to join ACSM and contribute to the worldwide community of sports medicine and sports science.”

As an ACSM member, you can support the new partnership in three simple ways:
  1. If eligible, apply for the annual $5,000 research grant.
  2. Spread the word. Tell people in your network about the funding opportunity and encourage applications.
  3. Learn more about World Athletics and its areas of research focus at then connect directly with Dr. Adami to discuss those areas that need the production of innovative scientific evidences.